Matt Candler


Game Producer, Investor, and Entrepreneur since 1995 starting at Activision on MechWarrior 2. Has founded multiple game studios in addition to holding Executive Leadership roles at 7Studios, Paramount Pictures, Skybound and ESDF. Many, many hit titles and satisfied customers on PC, Console and Mobile Platforms. He has repeatedly delivered excellent returns to investors and partners. He has built top performing publishing companies for game distribution on Epic, Steam, Apple, Google, Sony, and Microsoft platforms and store. Notable franchises include MechWarrior 2, Dark Reign, Battlezone, Fantastic Four, Defender, Star Trek, Top Gun, The Walking Dead and Rune.

Dan Nikolaides


Lead Programmer and UE4 tech guru, with 15 years of game industry experience in tech leadership for Midway Games, Warner Brothers, Phosphor Game `Studio, and Symmetric Games. Dan has expertise in every form and field of game development, and leads the technical and design direction of the studio's game production. Franchise credits include Mortal Kombat, Stranglehold, Man of Steel, Gears of War, NBC's Heroes, World War Z, WWE, Nether, Outpost Zero, and many more.

Victor Lopez

Studio Art Director

Victor Lopez is an award-winning art director of interactive experiences, video content for film, theater, and video games. His wide range of expertise allows him the ability to lead teams of ambitious and proactive cross discipline creatives. Clients include Lucas Film, Disney, Nike, Adidas, Numbir9 Films, MGM, The Mandalay Bay, WB, Oats Studios, Leviathan and Tesla. Notable Video Games include Nether, Outpost Zero, Dakka Squadron, Gears of War, Stranglehold, Blitz, SlugFest, Psi-Ops, Bullet Storm, Mortal Kombat, Man of Steel, Horn, and The Path to Luma. He brings over 25+ years experience of providing essential creative vision to the success of every project.

Dan Felts


Daniel Felts, is a gaming professional with 24 years of experience in the industry focusing on interactive game and product development/management, licensing, consumer products, interactive gaming entertainment, and Casino Gaming. A gamer at heart, Daniel was fascinated by interactive entertainment since he was old enough to play. Dan has used that passion throughout his career to help make incredible products across a wide variety of platforms. 14 years of Daniel's experience were at Paramount Pictures handling the company's digital and electronic product development where he served as Director of Product Development, Digital and Interactive. Since his time at Paramount he has been active in the gaming industry working on various projects spanning movie, TV, online media, and gaming properties.

Scott Lopez

Senior Environment Artist

Scott Lopez has 10 years of experience and has worked on notable video games such as Killer Instinct, Outpost Zero, WWE Immortals and Path to Luma. He loves creating beautiful environments for players to immerse themselves in. Scott is also a lover of Doom, Quake, Soulsbornes, cookies, coffee, anime and metal.

Jason Brice


Jason Brice is a former Partner at Buddha Jones Trailers where he was an award-winning Movie and Game Trailer producer/editor. Brice got his start in the games industry as the first ever Battlefield 2 community map maker to have his work published and included in the official builds of BF 2 and BF2142. He created the first-person shooter REKOIL with 505 games, as well as Alone in the Dark for Atari.

James Arbaje


James Arbaje began his love for video games at a young age with titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Kingdom Hearts. To James, video games offer an escape to other worlds, but they can also cultivate real-world friendships. He is a designer and also Sequencer Expert- his first job on Rune II was as community management and he still helps out there and has expanded his design role. James likes to make music, skateboard, and play video games.

Mitch Alpiner

Community Management

Mitch Alpiner is a community manager and game designer versed in social media management from Michigan. When not crafting the latest tweets, optimizing ad groups in Facebook's Power Editor, and working with influencers, he enjoys ballroom dancing and playing PC games. Ask him to tell you about Rune II, Destiny 2 or Diablo III sometime.

William Kowach

Senior Environment Artist

As a modder in the early days of Unreal Tournament, Will found a passion in game development. After serving in the US Marines, he pursued his dreams and graduated with a degree in Game Art & Design and has since contributed to several titles including FEAR 3, Game Party: Champions, Man of Steel, Nether, WWE Immortals, Killer Instinct & Outpost Zero. With over 10 years of experience, Will's strengths as a World Artist & Designer promotes a unified & enthusiastic vision that bridges the gap between Art & Design. Will's hobbies include fishing, photography, playing the piano & flight sims in VR.